GoldenTechs, LLC specializes in school web and print design. We provide your site with the visual looks that match your vision and reach your community. We are much more than web development. In an era when timely communication matters, we provide a friendly user interface and weekly updates including wording, school calendars, photo galleries, transparency reports, teachers’ individual pages, and contact forms.

GT_Body_1GoldenTechs’ packages include a range of options for digital and traditional communication. From flyers to web site updates, we focus on making the necessary updates so that you can focus on your priorities elsewhere.

GoldenTechs is a top design choice because of our understanding of K-12 education, dedication to our clients, reliable customer service, creativity, and fast turnarounds.

  • GoldenTechs Design, LLC provides web design and print design services to schools looking to go beyond template based web design.
  • Our websites convey much more than information. Through innovative design and thoughtful planning, they communicate the uniqueness of your learning community. Users will leave your site with up to the minute information, and a clear understanding of the things that matter to your team.
  • We provide your site with a revamped visual look with a friendly user interface, weekly updates, and engaging content.
  • Parents rely on school web sites for up to date information including calendars, teacher classroom pages, school closings, enrolling their children, and events.
  • Having an up to date web site where visitors can rely on valuable school information is a must. Our sites keep your community informed and provide an incentive for parents/students to visit the site on a regular basis.