Goldentechs FAQs
What is the web site design process?

I take a hands on approach to reviewing your current site. I analyze visuals and create a site map for the revised site. Then I create an online site preview that we use to guide the creation of each page on the site map.

Will my old site have to be in maintenance mode as you work on the new site?

I design the revised site under your current domain (i.e., ). Once the site is complete, I transfer the files and the new site replaced the old site.

What if my site was already created?

If your site is already online and you would like to have it revised, I am here to help. Let me analyze what has already been produced and you can provide me with your ideas. If this is the case with you, GoldenTechs would be happy to assist. Updating a current site online has been done numerous times in the past.

How can our school find out about your web and print design packages?

All schools have varying enrollment, faculty requests, and web/print needs. You can choose from any of our standard packages, or we can create one specifically for your school community.