PACE Academy

Kindergarten – 8th Grade | Southfield, Michigan |

In 2013 we established a partnership with PACE Academy in Southfield Michigan. Originally we provided their school web site with an updated look to their design. Components for the revised site include a visual calendar that displays important events, Budget Transparency Reports, Contact Us form, and up to date news through the PACE Academy blog.  Once the site was completed, the school decided to continue their partnership with GoldenTechs by way of print design. Throughout the school year we create brochures, flyers, and posters to keep the school community informed of important events.

Shabazz Public School Academy

Kindergarten – 6th Grade | Lansing, Michigan |

Shabazz Public School Academy is located in Lansing, Michigan and has an enrollment of 300 Kindergarten – 6th graders. We have worked with the school since 2004 on a number of marketing materials. This includes the school web site, which hosts the school calendar, transparency reports, School Board minutes, and videos showcasing the school. We also set up all school email addresses, carried out numerous print orders, provided educational technology inservices, and created/updated individual classroom pages.

Premier Academy

Pre-Kindergarten Program | Atlanta, Georgia |

Premier Academy, Inc. is a non-profit corporation located with two centers in Atlanta, Georgia. Goldentechs has updated their web site to a modern look and continues to make updates throughout the year. Additionally, Premier Academy has partnered with Goldentechs to produce marketing materials. This includes events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, fundraisers, and brochures for enrollment purposes. We also created a video for Premier Academy showcasing the schools educational services including a year round educational child-care program, pre-kindergarten program, and after school program. You can view this video below: